Big Sisters

I want to pause in my gardening on this Memorial Day to say a special Thank You to the Universe for big sisters — one in particular, of course, my sister Mary.  Big sisters forge their way through the sometimes hostile world, and then turn to hold the light — or a helping hand — to the annoying and troublesome brat coming up fast  behind.

Without my sister, I don’t know who I would be — but I know I wouldn’t be as good a person. I wouldn’t have the same tools to make it in the world, or to appreciate beauty, or music. I wouldn’t know how to put on eyeliner, or roll out cookie dough, or dress a barbie. Nor would I have been ushered as lovingly into mysterious grown-up girl things.

I wouldn’t have the memories of shared laughter and tears: the plays we wrote and acted with our dolls, the ability to play “O Come All Ye Faithful” on the cello, the knack of cutting class without getting caught, how to tell if a boy really liked you, nor a thousand other pieces of guidance,  joys and memories. I never felt alone during our somewhat rocky growing up years, because I had Mary.

So dear Universe, on this day of remembrance for all the brave souls who have kept us safe, please include the big sisters — especially mine — and keep them safe in your loving hands.


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