Patience in the Garden

IMG_0070While I love to play in the garden, I’m not a truly good gardener because I don’t have enough patience. I want plants with big, showy, vibrant flowers — and I want them NOW!

Sometimes, however, I get it right. Last year I planted a handful of foxgloves that I bought at the 2008 Herb Festival. The photo to the right are the big, showy, vibrant spikes of foxglove blooming today. They stand so straight and proud, completely at ease in themselves.

The sense of pride I get from seeing them is disproportionate to the accomplishment. All I did was dig a few holes and water them during dry spells. But oh, the beauty that resulted!

Next is the small circular bed I created last spring around the centerpiece of self-seeded Hollyhocks that had been planted many years before and bloomed profusely last summer. They grew nearly seven feet tall, competing with the old birdhouse on a pole. This year, the birdhouse is home to a family of chickadees — last spring it was rented by a clan of house wrens.

Once the bed was established, I planted lots of annuals, including basil and petunias, as well as blue Veronica, Johnson’s geranium, and coreopsis. These have all returned for an early splash of color. Next I’m adding a shasta daisy and tucking in a few more herbs — and just smiling and smiling every time I walk by.IMG_0072a


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