Mother’s Day

Orchids and lilies and herbs, Oh My! We went to the Biltmore House today for Mother’s Day. Here’s a picture from one of the conservatories. IMG_0035 It was busy there today, but we by-passed the lines at the house to enjoy the gardens and greenhouses.

Afterwards we ate near the farm village, wandered some more, enjoyed step-dancing and bluegrass music and all the lovely vistas driving through. The geese and goslings were out in droves. A red-tailed hawk circled right overhead while we were eating at an umbrella-shaded table. Barn swallows had nested where we waited to order, just feet away. Their rusty throats and neat dark heads bobbing, and penetrating eyes that watched us constantly. A bluebird burst past the car in a flood of vibrant blue. Irises, spurge, mints, roses, late tulips, and so much more, everywhere. Huge hot pink and pale rhododendrons (Carolyn says mountain folks call them “laurel”) and every green that ever was.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Have you ever seen the movie “Being There” with Peter Sellers? It was filmed in the Biltmore house and on the grounds. I didn’t know this when I saw it and had the feeling of deja vu. Watching the credits, I realized the reason for that feeling was that I had visited the Biltmore House many, many years ago. The gardens are spectacular and the house is sensory overload!

    • I know — I love the gardens and visit the house only when friends come into Asheville and we do the tourist thing. The grounds are so peaceful and lovely, something beautiful everywhere you look!

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