The Herb Festival

It's Spring! Time for herbs

It's Spring! Time for herbs

One of my favorite spring activities is the annual Herb Festival held the first weekend of May at the Farmer’s Market. I’m on my way there now, my head filled with conflicting desires — don’t spend too much, get  the best basil, find something special, don’t buy more than you can plant, and the eternal refrain, don’t spend too much, too much, too much….

We’ll see.

Updated at 6:50 pm:  I went, I saw, I bought.  But I didn’t spend too much because I only took about $25 with me.  Waiting to be planted now are Genovese basil, lemon and lime thymes, a mesclun lettuce mix, some purple basil, a lady’s mantle, and a swan-necked gourd plant I can grow in a big container.

I have some planting ahead of me, since yesterday I picked up some petunias, a rosemary, a shasta daisy and and two rudbeckia,  as well as a hen-and-chicks and sedum for the rock garden.  Most of these are to fill in holes from ones that didn’t make it through the winter. I plan to interplant the basil in several places this spring to see where it thrives the best. Some years my basil explodes and others it sputters out, but there’s just no such thing as too much basil.


One thought on “The Herb Festival

  1. Too much basil? Never! Your choices are wonderful and good for you for sticking to your budget – something I have a very hard time doing when there are far too many choices…happy planting.

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