It was a great afternoon. The lecture was very compelling and enjoyable. The speaker was engaging and humorous and hit the nail on the head metaphysically speaking. I sat in the back and knit while listening and really had a lovely time.

Then I hit the dreaded Walmart and got a bunch housekeep-y things. Now I’m writing while Josh is helping me rearrange some furniture in my room. I’ve moved the electronic piano to a nook behind my computer table and I think it will be more accessible. I’ve got a small worktable under the “cats’ window” and now just have tons of mess to clean up!

The most interesting feature of the day is the way time stretched after the Christian Science talk! I was concerned about how the weekend had flown and felt a little pressured to get everything on my priority list done. After I left the lecture, I spent a gracious plenty time shopping — hit several locations, came home, made dinner, ate, cleaned some spots to make room for the moving, and here it is only 9:22 pm as I write this! The amazing fluidity of time when you’re in the groove!

Oh, by the way, the lecturer was a former acid-head from the original heyday in the late 60’s! Talk about kindred spirits….


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