Channeling My Father

Some days, I feel like I’m channeling Guido.  My father was one of the most charming, charismatic people I’ve ever encountered. He was something of  a scoundrel, using charm to pave the way for himself whenever he could — which was almost all the time!

Guido was a 3rd generation restaurateur. His skills as a host were impeccable. When you were in his presence, you believed (and so did he) that you were the most important person in the world. Since he momentarily shared this belief, he was infinitely plausible, authentic and compelling, and his warmth was unfeigned.  It didn’t matter that thirty seconds after he turned away to greet the next diner, you were forgotten, because for those few seconds you really were the center of the universe.

On the days I channel Guido, it is effortless to connect to the people who cross my path. Clients, colleagues, store clerks, bank tellers, intimate friends — it doesn’t matter. Each transaction, each exchange is “it” while it’s happening. What a flow! What a charge! How juicy! I just adore those days.


2 thoughts on “Channeling My Father

  1. Laurie:

    You really touched my heart and made me cry a bit when I read your ” Channeling My Father”
    A perfect picture of Guido and I thank you for the opportunity for me to print it and save it.


    • Hey WSM, Maybe we finally have a way we both like to communicate! I’m so glad you liked what I wrote about Daddy. I thought of him so much this Sunday, too. Hope all is well on your end, Love, WSD

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