Random Sunday Night Thoughts

Easter Sunday, just now over as I write.

A pleasant day, free from dwelling on the past, except for Josh reminding about the time I cooked the ham without taking off the back part of the plastic wrapper — it came out pretty good anyway.

I changed the theme (background, type and layout) of the blog — just messing around, obsessing a little. I’m big on readability.

Embarking on a busy week and my thoughts are already circling there. But I’ve also being thinking about Captain Phillips, who was captured by the Somali pirates and helped rescue himself with the aid of the US Navy.  I think we have room for heroes again — the real ones.  Captain Sully who landed his jet in the Hudson River with no loss of life — and walked the sinking plane twice to be sure no one was left on board before he climbed onto the wing to join those still awaiting rescue.

Something has shifted in the world consciousness, I think, to allow for heroes to begin emerging. Lord knows, we always have military heroes, police  heroes, and fire and rescue heroes. Courage and sound judgment are expected of such highly trained men and women. Likewise, we are shocked and judgmental when they fail to performed at the highest level. But here are two professional men in civilian arenas of their fields, who acted with exemplary character, quick thought, and complete effectiveness. They make me want to be heroic too.  Part of the shift I’m perceiving then, may be in me. I’m identifying with these men as like me, at least potentially. They are not “other” in the way I would see a soldier or sailor or cop. They are possible — they are archetypal, certainly, but not only that.

Maybe this Easter ushers in the resurrection of the everyday hero and each of us can rise to the hero in us.


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