Yellow House Fever

first steps -- cover the ancient greyed aluminum sidingLast year, we painted the house yellow — and it turned from a upscale shack to a lowbrow cottage over the course of two weeks. This was Dennis’ last participation in one of my “projects” — he used to say the scariest words in any language were “I have an idea.”

The painting represented a new stage for me. I actually asked friends and colleagues for help — and received an abundance of it. I reveled in cooked gallons of tomato sauce with meatballs and without for my vegan friends. I participated in everything but high places.

nearly there -- but the pink has to go!And now I live in a bright yellow cottage with white trim, a maroon roof and dark maroon underpinnings. Flowers and plants grow around its somewhat battered base, and people smile — though some shake their heads — when they walk by.

Thanks everyone — especially you Dennis. You knew it was your swan song living with me here, and you still played along. That was classy.


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